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Aqualung Squeeze Lock

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Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife

Our patent-pending and widely recognized Squeeze Lock Knife easily releases from its sheath with a squeeze on the handle. The double blade has smooth and serrated cutting edges. Both the knife and the sheath can be secured to your gear to prevent loss and maintain control.

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  • Secure Our Squeeze Lock Knives are easy to remove intentionally by squeezing the molded grip, but nearly impossible to accidentally unsheath.
  • Perfect for Scuba 3” blade; 6½” long overall (7.6cm/16.5cm). Made of stainless steel or high-grade beta titanium alloy, depending on blade tip selected.
  • Mounting Options Sheath may be secured to your BCD (via included grommets), a hose (via included hose-mounting straps), a belt (via an integrated locking belt clip), or a rubber leg strap (sold separately).
  • Attaches Easily Knife handle has a hole for lanyard attachment.
  • Tip Options Choose from Blunt, Stiletto, or Tanto tip.
  • Easy Drainage Drain holes in sheath make re-sheathing easy.
  • Color Choices Choose from colors identify your gear at a glance.