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Dive Boat

Checkout the Eastern Bay from the Kent Island Dive Boat. Beautiful dives on the wrecks and artificial reefs of the Chesapeake.

Kent Island Scuba provides recreational and research dives on the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay. Located in the Kent Narrows, only a few miles from the Scuba Shop. The boat operates every weekend and major holiday. 

Dive Description

  • Regular Dive = Single Tank Dive
  • Night Dive = Single Tank Dive

Required Items

  • Wetsuit
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Cutting Tool
  • Light (Night Dive Requires 2x)
  • Mask & Fins

 Please review and complete the forms: Diver Registration


***Please park at the Hilton Garden Inn***


Please arrive at the shop on time (the boat will not wait)


Please return your rental gear back to the shop. Please rinse/clean all rental dive gear at the shop (staff will be available to assist). If you do not wish to rinse/clean your gear, our staff will be glad to provide that service for an additional $15 per person.

***PLEASE TIP YOUR Divemaster***

Mumbo Jumbo

Kent Island Scuba has the right to cancel the trip, at any time for safety!

  • Shop Cancelation(s) – Full refund
  • Diver Cancelation(s) - 72hrs prior for refund
  • The boat leaves on time, if you miss departure you will be responsible for the cost of the dive
  • If you wish to have a supervised dive, please let the shop know at the time of reservation
  • This is NOT a charter service