Shearwater Yellow Wireless Transmitter

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Shearwater Transmitter

Nitrox compatible rated up to 40% O2

Shearwater Research Air integrated wireless transmitter for Perdix AI and Teric dive computers.

When using mutliple transmitters, best reception reliabilty will be attained when using transmitters of different colors.
The different colors have different transmit timing. This prevents communication collisions that could potentially cause a loss of connection.
When two transmitters of the same color are used, the potential exists for their communication timing to become synchronized. When this occurs, the transmitters will interfere with each other, resulting in data dropouts. These dropouts may resolve quickly or could last up to 20 minutes or more.
By using different colored transmitters, the transmit timing periods are different enough that collisions due to synchronized communications will resolve quickly.

  • User replaceable 3V CR2 Lithium Battery
  • 300 Hour battery life
  • Depth rating 152m / 500ft
  • Low Frequency RF 38kHz
  • Color: Yellow

Technical Specs